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Sign in to contact Adams A history of western art Detail of the dance of human life, fig. oil on canvas, on the front cover of the book $50
Sign in to contact Cincuenta sombras de grey/ spanish version, by EL James Grey neck tie in a dark back ground. $20
Sign in to contact Street Dreams /A novel by K' WAN Boy holding girl on a roof top $10
Sign in to contact Websters classic reference library New revised edition Dictionary/New encyclopedia edition $2
Sign in to contact Oxford concise dictionary of literary terms/ By Chris Baldick. Picture of terms on blue background. $20
Sign in to contact The Violet Hour/By Daniel Judson Picture of a town or island on the waters edge $20
Sign in to contact Barbie dolls/used, amount 13 of them used but in good condition, do not know if they are vintage, selling the 13/Dolls $200
Sign in to contact Movies /Mix 96 pieces to a pouch where movies are carried Many tittles/ Clasical/humor/family/Horror/ETC. $50
Sign in to contact Gullivers travels, By Jonathan swift. Edited with an introduction by ricardo Quintana Modern library college edition. $50
Sign in to contact Piece of MIND BOOK, By joshua liebman Copyright,1946, (Sixth printing) $40
Sign in to contact Sporting heroes baseball book Copyright, 2002 $20
Sign in to contact American Cinema 100 years of film, Copyright, 1994,Many photographs of classical actors and actress, $40
Sign in to contact The man who Invented Baseball. Yellow front cover, Copyright: 1969 to 1973.. $50
Sign in to contact New York Yankees collectibles book, Price guide For Americas favorite team, logo of n.y. on cover $20
Sign in to contact Portfolios of paintings from the old print shop, Small books of paintings from 1952 to 1971, many old colorful covers. $20
Sign in to contact Star Trek, cards- 1991 Cards,of the episodes,2$ a piece sold individually.. $2
Sign in to contact Foot ball cards,1991 Football teams, of 1991, 2.00 a piece, sold individually $2
Sign in to contact Basketball Cards,1991 Basketball players of 1991, 2.00 a piece, sold individually. $2
Sign in to contact BASEBALL CARDS. Dates: 2009, 07, 06,2000,1999,96,95,94,92,91,,90,1988,,87,83,82,81,1973,1970= very few items of each, or I will sell the whole baseball card album,. $200
Sign in to contact Pokemon Cards. From,- 2007, 2005, 2004, very few. $2
Sign in to contact 3 United States MINT STAMPS. Three Items only, one 6 cent stamp,one 3 cent stamp, Total of three in a pack, only one pack for sale. $30
Sign in to contact Harold melvin and the blue notes. Album vinyl- good condition, but does not have the cover, Song:If you don't know me by now. $25
Sign in to contact One 78,RPM record by the tommy dorsey band, No cover Good condition.25.00 $35
Sign in to contact The Rain Maker, By John grisham. Copyright,1995, front cover signed. $20
Sign in to contact Book by mary Higgins clark. Tittle: All around the town, A novel,Description (open window stained curtain. $20
Sign in to contact Book by mary Hggins clark Tittle, kitchen Priviledges (a memoir)Description of picture of mary Higgins as a child with her two brothers. $25
Sign in to contact Short story book, by dorothy bartholomew. 4-Short stories, the game, Ghetto child, Innounce, The system. (signed white front cover) $12
Sign in to contact Hand held trivia challenge game. With questions on, entertainment, science, and nature, geography, sports, history, Odd and unusual, very entertaining. $15
Sign in to contact Bell and Howell,(magazine camera) 8-mm.172 Chicago, made in U.S.A. with crank up device. $100
Sign in to contact Cell phone charger, for Nokia. Fits- 5100, 6100, 1260, 3200, 3300, 3590, 6300, 6590, 8200, 8300, 8800, 252, Uses 4 -AAA BATTERIES, TO CHARGE YOUR CELL PHONE, ONLY 2 LEFT. $20
Sign in to contact 6-pack Varta micro battery,GMbh. Expiration date 2-2015, eco pack-battery for hearing aide device, only 7 packs left. $10
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