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Sign in to contact camera Face detection HD Stills. blur Reduction 10.3meg pixels 3x Optical lens 32mm-96mm(equiv) $70
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Sign in to contact Children's books Pinocchio shreek 2 The five chinese borthers all about the ponds (Some of these books are antiques, and worth money) $2
Sign in to contact Adult books A long way gone A series of unfortunate events The last lecture (these books are in good condition) $8
Sign in to contact calculators 2 new calculators TI-30X2S I think they are scientific? $5
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Sign in to contact hand crafted bottle cap belt Its the new trend of the season to have a bottle can cap bely. It blue and silver and is worth about $50-$60! $15
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Sign in to contact thin black & silver nail polish full bottle, Jordan product, pop art nail design! $1
Sign in to contact Bear claw necklace(Colorado made) It was a $90 necklace very nice white beaded, white three white and brown bear claw like shells. bear claw is centered, fits up to about the collar bone, but not a choker. $20
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Sign in to contact antique necklace black beads,gold,and green, value 250.00, collar bone length, shines as it used to, elegant looking, mostly for dress $25
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