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Sign in to contact Hospitality Snack Set I found this on a lower dusty shelf at Goodwill, while looking for kitchen appliances to re-sell. While I generally do not specialize in antiques, this took over my heart. Still does but it really wouldn't work well in my busy, chaotic mom and business owner life. It has a home out there. Is it you? By the way, this box collecting dust at Goodwill values at $25-35 and more online. This stunning set is from 1968!!! $30
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Sign in to contact Italian Hand-Painted Plates I am a spiritual shopper. I buy local inventory and do e-commerce, but either way, I have to connect to my inventory. I sell mostly electronics and tools for profit margin but if a random item calls me, like this, I'm transfixed. If I can, I buy it, letting it guide me to its home. For some reason, these items mean the most to me for they have a direct, spiritual impact on my life. $20
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Sign in to contact Are these yours? I had to buy these...they called to me. They are simply special and will complete someone's home decor. They can hold candles, potporri, work as snack plates, or just decor. I bet you could also use the fora makeshift picture frame and attach a printed or painted saying or photo to them. $20
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Sign in to contact 1979 Hallmark Plaque This may be simple but sometimes that speaks louder than anything else. Just $6 for a sweet edition to your home decor. $6
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Sign in to contact Sara D. Ward Collection Photo Tray I found this at a thrift store but it is brand new and it felt perfect for someone. I got it home and advertised it without opening it, with no response. I decided to open it to take detailed photos and was a bit taken aback. Inside this muted colored box is a shiny, polished, perfectly stained dark wood, photo tray with sparkling, clean glass. This looks like something you would find at Williams Sonoma. $12
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Sign in to contact A Tale of Two Olaf's These two wobbly Olaf dolls from the movie "Frozen" are new and were gifts for my girls. Being bred in warm climate and having had lived in a frozen state for the past 8 years, I truly identift with him. "SUMMER!" Niether girl plays with him though and we only kno he's there when I trip on him at midnight and he yells, " Watch Out!" $25 for both" $25
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