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Sign in to contact VINTAGE hand made pearl nicklace with steriling gold $75
Sign in to contact vintage nicklace vintage sterilng gold nicklace $35
Sign in to contact vintage earing hand made vintage earing $50
Sign in to contact Antique Japanese - $250 (west los angeles) Old Japanese Dolls WITH REAL FURE $250
Sign in to contact "Lladro Made of Porcelain" (antiques - by owner) This genuine NAO porcelain figurine is hand finished in Valencia Spain by the Lladro Group. NAO artisans skilled in the fields of sculpting, casting, and finishing have all contributed to the creation of this item. The hand colored pastel shades and flawless kiln fired gloss finish are hallmarks of the piece. $250
Sign in to contact valvet vintage top ha-ta-ya designer new vintage valvet top beautiful $100
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