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Sign in to contact Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumparoo In awesome condition and irreplaceable. The best series they had. Will add a photo as soon as I take one. It was expensive, but worth every dime. Will exchange for children's clothes, boys sizes 2T and 4/5 or xs children's. $50
Sign in to contact Unique Never Used Tub Safety Bumber Super cool, it surrounds your bathtub, inflated, bright blue with rainbow giant alphabet letters. It cushions your baby/toddler from bumps and other boo-boos. Will exchange for food for toddlers and diapers sz 5 and 6, or wipes. $25
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Sign in to contact Contemporary Computer Desk Perfect for dorm rooms or just small places. It's glass and brushed metal. Has a pull out tray for keyboard, a third shelf for printer, and a rack for tower or if you have an all-in-one, I use it for my shredder. Will exchange for toilet paper, children's bathwash and shampoo, bandaids, children's toothpaste. $40
Sign in to contact Bridal Gown Never Worn Never altered.This is something I'll have to put pics up. It's unbelievable. Nearly 100 hand embroidered dark purple and red flowers with crystals sewn in the centers of each, detail across the bust and drape down the back in two individual sashes all the way down the train of this strapless champagne satin gown. It is elegant, and beckons you back to Camelot. I had real ballerina shoes died to match the dark purple flowers. The flowers are small. This gown is pure beauty.Size 8, sleeveless. $700
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Sign in to contact Hand Dyed Dark Purple Ballerina Shoes With The Ribbon Ties These are real ballerina shoes that were meant to be worn as flats that would be sweet and appropriate for the bridal gown the shoes were died to match the flowers for. Pure silk. Hand dyed by one of the last known true cobblers in the U.S..Size 9. $30
Sign in to contact Full Length Formal Wear Dark Purple Satin Gloves These gloves were used for the cobbler to dye to match the ballet flats to the flowers on my bridal gown. They are skin fitted and full length, meaning they end at the mid-bi-ceps, past the elbows. Form fitted they are sexy for whatever the purpose. $30
Sign in to contact Body Organ Kidney,arm and a leg, fairly good condition. 38yrs old.! Just kidding..sort of. $200,000
Sign in to contact SOUL See above $1,000
Sign in to contact Heart Used Portion Broken, but maybe someone else can fix it. I Can't. Part of it I am keeping because it belongs to my children. FREE
Sign in to contact File Cabinet Office Depot. Cherry finish. Tall. Top drawer locks. Will throw in file folders. Will exchange for Laundry detergent, dish soap, paper towels. toilet paper. trash bags. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sensitive b/c we all have skin allergies. $50
Sign in to contact Shop Vac Only used once. Wet/dry. perfect condition. It's a small one, good for porches and cars. Will exchange for children's clothing. $25
Sign in to contact Rocking Chair Great for our porch. Paint it any color. $25
Sign in to contact Scrapbook Stuff Bulk Offer Tons of them. I'll put pics up as soon as as possible. Will try to set prices for them. Bulk could be possible, but there's @ least 1000. worth. $300
Sign in to contact Play yard Great condition. Comes with bassinet, changing table, mobile, two padded/quilted covers I purchased seperately, and carrying bag for easy travel. Will get pic up soon. $40
Sign in to contact Two Full Size Sofa Slip Covers Dark Red and the other we never used is sort of a beige champagne color. They ARE nice. $30
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