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(unknown) Diphenylacetonitrile Name:Diphenylacetonitrile Name:Diphenylacetonitrile Synonym:DIPHENYLMETHYL CYANIDE;DIPHENYLACETONITRILE;DIPHENYL-A-CYANOMETHANE;DIPHENATRILE;DIPAN;BENZHYDRYL CYANIDE;RARECHEM AQ A3 0160;Acetonitrile, diphenyl- CAS: 86-29-3 EINECS:201-662-5 Assay:98% M.F:C14H11N M.W:193.24 MP or BP: 71-73 C(lit.);181 C12 mm Hg(lit.) Appearance:yellow solid Application:Can be used as a herbicide, preemergence for control Gramineae young grass turf.For the synthesis of isocyanates, further preparing UV paint, PU paint, transparent elastom $9
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(unknown) 2,2-Diphenylacetic acid Name:2,2-Diphenylacetic acid 2,2-Diphenylacetic acid Name:2,2-Diphenylacetic acid Synonym:MONOCARBOXYMETHANEDIPHENYL;RARECHEM AL BO 1083;A-PHENYLPHENYLACETIC ACID;CARBOXYMETHANEDIPHENYL;DIPHENYLACETIC ACID;DIPHENYLMETHANE-A-CARBOXYLIC ACID;DIPHENYLMETHANE-ALPHA-CARBOXYLIC ACID;DIPHENYLMETHANECARBOXYLIC ACID CAS: 117-34-0 EINECS:204-185-0 Assay:98% M.F:C14H12O2 M.W:212.24 MP: 147-149 C BP:195C 25mmHg Density:1,257 g/cm3 Appearance:White powder Application:Used for organic synthesis. Package:25/carton drum Standard:Enterpri $9
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(unknown) Diphenylsilanediol Name:Diphenylsilanediol Diphenylsilanediol Name:Diphenylsilanediol Synonym:CD6150;Difenyl-dihydroxysilan;dihydroxydiphenyl-silan;Diphenyldihydroxylsilicane;Diphenyldihydroxysilane;Diphenylsilandiol;diphenyl-silanedio;Silane, dihydroxydiphenyl- CAS: 947-42-2 EINECS:213-427-4 Assay:98% M.F:C12H12O2Si M.W:216.31 MP or BP: 144-147 C;353C [760mmHg] Density:0.87 Appearance:white crystalline Application:Used as the silicon rubber processing structure control agent.Intermediate phenyl methyl silicone raw materials and other $9
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(unknown) 1,3-Diphenylguanidine 1,3-Diphenylguanidine Product Name: 1,3-Diphenylguanidine Synonyms: SYM-DIPHENYLGUANIDINE;N,N'-DIPHENYLGUANIDINE;VANAX DPG;TIMTEC-BB SBB000514;1,3-Difenylguanid;1,3-diphenyl-guanidin;Accelerator D;AcceleratorD CAS: 102-06-7 MF: C13H13N3 MW: 211.26 EINECS: 203-002-1 Packing: 25kg/drum Assay: 98% Appearance: White or off-white powder Price: USD 7.67/kg $9
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(unknown) 1-Butyl nitrite Name:1-Butyl nitrite 1-Butyl nitrite Name:1-Butyl nitrite Synonym:N-BUTYL NITRITE;NITROUS ACID BUTYL ESTER;1-butylnitrite;Butyl ester of nitrous acid;butylnitrites;NBN;n-C4H9ONO;NCI-C56553 CAS: 544-16-1 EINECS:208-862-1 Assay:97% M.F:C4H9NO2 M.W:103.12 BP: 78 C(lit.) Density:0.882 g/mL at 25 C(lit.) Appearance:light yellow liquid Application:Used in organic synthesis. Package:250kg/plastic drum Standard:Enterprise standard MOQ:25kg Price:USD74/kg $9
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