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(unknown) Super Nintendo SNES, Games, Extras SNES: $258 total $78 SNES, with all cables =$50 1 Mouse for Mario Paint =$10 One receiver for Super Scope 6 (Superscope 6 Cartridge included, blaster is not) =$FREE 3 Controllers =$18 Games: $180 Secret of Mana =$35 Chrono Trigger =$47 X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse =$7 F-Zero =$3 Street Fighter II =$5 Mortal Kombat =$5 Super Mario Kart =$16 Sim City =$4 Sim City 2000 =$20 Sim Earth =$4 Beavis and Butt-head =$5 Donky Kong Country =$11 Mario Paint =$11 Super Slap(hockey) =$1 Super Star Wars =$4 $250
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(unknown) Nintendo Wii (Homebrew!) TONS OF ACCESSORIES & GAMES!!! Wii: $1493 total Nintendo Wii (modded for home brew)!!! $450 Accessories: $231 4 Wii Controllers =$80 4 rubber controller cases =$10 3 wired nun-chucks =$14 , one with rubber casing, One LIMITED edition Nyko Black wireless nun-chuck =$30 1 wired sensor bar, and 1 Nyko Wireless sensor bar(they work very well together) =$12 1 Case for NES style Wii games(it holds the controll horizontally) =$3 2 Game-cube controllers =$5 1 component cable(also comes with the normal A/V cables) =$15 2 Classic Contr $1,100
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(unknown) Samsung Rear Projetcion TV Brand: Samsung Type: Rear Projection Model: HL-T5676S Display Technology: DLP Features: Widescreen (16:9) Screen Size: 56 inches Condition: Used Definition: HDTV (built-in ATSC Tuner) Product Description Fill your room with the riveting 1080p Full HD resolution and brilliant sound of the Samsung HL-T5676S. Its 0.8"-thin piano-black bezel and hidden speaker system let you enjoy more screen and less frame; the slim depth lets the 56" DLP HDTV fit where others won''t. Enjoy the crisp definition an $950
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(unknown) The Bradford Editions Plates There are over 20 plates here, and more are available. These plates were all issued in the 90's I believe all of them have their certificates. $25 each item or $15 each if take them all. $25
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(unknown) Huge lot of Records There are about 10 moving boxes filled with records, and a bunch of 45's and 33's as well. They all have to go as one lot, no individual sales. $500
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