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(unknown) pineapple shape storage jars x3 PLEASE NOTE: PRICE IS POND STERLING, NOT US DOLLARS. New storage jars set of 3, boxed. Shape: pineapple. Colours available: white. Ideal for any use around the home or as a gift! Material: ceramic. jar sizes: small, medium, large. Free delivery within the uk. 1 set available. Items may be returned if unopened and undamaged. items will be dispatched within 24 hours of purchase. $45
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(unknown) Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB Unlocked == $600 Christmas & New Year promotion!! We sell all series of brand new original factory unlocked Apple iPhone's and we sell at wholesale price and retail price.We also accept payments via PayPal ================================ Apple iPhone X 256GB Unlocked == $1,000 Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB Unlocked == $600 Apple iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Unlocked == $580 Apple iPhone 8 256GB Unlocked == $570 Apple iPhone 8 64GB Unlocked == $550 Apple iPhone 7 Plus 256GB Unlocked == $520 Apple iPhone 7 Plus 128GB $600
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(unknown) iphone 8 Apple Iphone 8 $900
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(unknown) Methyl benzoate CAS: 93-58-3 MF: C8H8O2 MW: 136.15 EINECS: 202-25 Uses: used for organic synthesis; used as a solvent for cellulose ester, cellulose ether, resin, rubber and other; used as a spice, with strong wintergreen oil and Kananjia oil fragrance, used to prepare the soap and cosmetics with artificial Ylang Ylang oil and moon sesame oil; edible essence, for preparation of strawberry, pineapple, cherries, rum and other flavors. $200
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(unknown) Cinnamyl acetate refractive index n20/D 1.541(lit.) Fp >230 F storage temp. 2-8C Chemical Properties clear colorless to pale yellowish liquid Uses: used in carnation, hyacinth, lilac, Narcissus floral fragrances. It is also used for apple, pineapple, cinnamon flavor . $100
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