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(unknown) Cordyceps Cephalosporium Mycelia Cordyceps Cephalosporium Mycelia Product name:Cordyceps Cephalosporium Mycelia Cordyceps sinensis(Berk) sace is a fungus living on the larva of Hepialus armorcanus oberthur forming acompound of fungus in dead body of the worm.It is a special medicinal materiall.The mycelia of this fungus are obtained by biological technology(Liquid Fermentation). Function:raise the exercise tolerance Colour:Brown Dosage Form:Powder Packing:25kg/Drum Assay:7% MOQ:25kg $1
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(unknown) Exercise Bike Pro-form Whirlwind All metal frame Built to last With counsel monitor / excellent shape You need to pick it up (it is a two person job) $35
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