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(unknown) Thief (PS3) Lightly played $20
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(unknown) CAL-101 CAS: 870281-82-6 MF: C22H18FN7O MW: 415.4230232 Product Categories: Inhibitor density 1.47 Appearance : White powders Purity : 99% Package : 1kg/foil bag Usage: CAL-101 (Idelalisib, GS-1101) is a selective p110 inhibitor with IC50 of 2.5 nM in cell-free assays; shown to have 40- to 300-fold greater selectivity for p110 than p110//, and 400- to 4000-fold more selectivity to p110 than C2, hVPS34, DNA-PK and mTOR. $200
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(unknown) av card ps2 ps3 xbox360 I'm just selling it it good condition $15
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