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(unknown) Vinyl records and CDs for sale THIS Item title Baron Longfellow "Harlem" MAM Records 7" Single MAM 176 (1978) Black Blood "A.I.E. Mwana" Chrysalis Records 7" Single CHS 2235 (1978) Central Line "Sticks And Stones" Mercury Records 7" Single MER 4 (1979) Davis Essex "Silver Dream Machine" Mercury Records 7" Single BIKE 1 (1980) Diane Jones "My Man's A Sweet Man" MAM Records 7" Single MAM 145 (1976) Foxy "Get Off" T.K. Records 7" PROMO Single S TKR 6040 (1976) Frankie Avalon "Beauty School Dropout" Mercury Records 7" Single 616 $85,000
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(unknown) MP3 player It's a red MP3 player which plays music,video and records $15
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(unknown) Mp4 player It's black mp4 player. You watch videos,play music,games,records,setting and other stuff etc. $20
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(unknown) Antique/Retero. stereo console LET ME GIVE A BLAST FROM THE PAST. ( AND I DO MEAN BLAST) With my perfect condition 1970.s Cutis Mathas 3 in 1 music device Console. This stereo console is the who!s who of console stereos, then and now !.Looking and preforming looking just as it did it was rolled off the show room floor many years ago.This unit provides records of the following 16`s 33`s 45`s and all your 78`s. This console also provides a full Eight track player as well as the (Hi Fi ) AM. FM. Stereo with fine tune. All this m $50
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(unknown) 78 rpm records Huge collection of 78 RPM recordings of many top artists from the 40's and early 50's $100
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